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Volunteers Treated Like Highest Paid Officers

One of the things  I’m getting used to about volunteering is that I although I’m so self disciplined to taking orders or just always wanting to meet someone’s criteria, I don’t actually have to abide by particularly stringent rules that affect the paid members of staff at the same place.  There are different expectations of us and after many years of always keeping to the rules, never being late if humanly possible, never letting down the team with a sickie for an unpopular shift etc.  I notice too that the paid officers of the Trust to which I answer are very respectful of all the volunteers – be we garden help, room stewards or book restorers etc.  It is lovely to be greeted warmly by all the officers and made to feel really valued and needed – which of course we are!  Some of the paid guides are not so welcoming, but that’s professional jealousy of course!

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