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Travelling Clerk Typist Actually A Virtual Secretary

The virtual secretary – now that had always intrigued me, for years since I first heard the title, I wondered what on earth it meant.   I actually was a VS, but at the time not called that.  I was just the junior working in a travel agency chain run by the company my mother worked for.  Mum’s boss took me on as Saturday and holiday girl with expectation I’d join full time when I left school.   I was already a very fast, accurate typist and did well in commercial subjects, so the boss added ‘floating typing & clerk’ to my role.     I visited the 5 or 6 different branches in the chain, every Saturday I’d be driven or be able to get a bus to a different one.  Once there I’d do any typing of letters and correspondence for the manager, who was also travelling between the offices.  This ability to slot in any office and just pick up where I’d previously left off the last time, and work on anything the boss had left out for me was a talent I carefully nutured.  My memory was and still is absolutely fantastic, with instant recall of names, addresses and telephone numbers.  It’s proved an asset for everyone I’ve worked for and with over the years!

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