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Production Goes Abroad – Service Excels At Home

The way we run businesses these days is so very different to methods of yesteryear.  When you see the older documentaries produced in the 1960s and 1970s, there are ‘businessmen’ going about their daily tasks – the smarter chaps in their bowler, crombie coat, obligatory umbrella and briefcase.  The train station would be awash with these identikit specimens of efficiency.  Those that didn’t rely on trains would most likely have their chauffeur driven exective motor taking them from office to meetings and back.  One knew where one was, don’t you know!   These days there is much more to the top ranks of any company – much foreign money and share holding goes into it now.  The familiar manufacturing names seem to drift away and the actual production of most things seems to be abroad – China or India.  We are very good over here at service industries and the supply of technology to do our own thing.

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