Setting Up an Effective Filing System For Your Computer

Organising, backing up and maintaining your documents and files on your PC is important, especially for businesses.  Here is a guide to creating an effective filing schedule for your digital documents.

  1. Know where your files are!  Keeping all your files in one place is the best thing you can do to protect your data.  On Windows computers, the My documents folder is often a good area, although the operating system does add some additional junk which isn’t always needed (such as pictures and music folders).  You could also have a separate hard disk or external drive to store your files on.  Do not put everything on your desktop – this area is difficult to find and makes it hard to backup your data.
  2. Separate users and groups – having separate folders for PC users is a good way to easily store and find your own documents, especially if you share your PC with others.
  3. Split into ‘work’ and ‘personal’ folders.  Keeping work and personal documents separate is a good way to easily find things you are looking for.