feather flags Our website is all about showing you new ways to get your business going - attracting customers is one key way to get more sales and make more proit! Look at these amazing feather flags we saw when we were out and about recently! A fantastic way to draw attention to a brand. Other ways you might like to attract attention from passer by customers is through advertising or marketing through an agency. We recommend speaking to a professional marketing expert before making any decisions which could eat into your budget, as most businesses have a finite amount of money to spend on their marketing each year.

The Various Stages Of Marketing A Fledgling Idea

Ben December 11, 2019 Administration, SEO, Small Business, Web Activity

In the really old days before tv advertising, the only way to get your services and goods known to the wider community was to walk about literally with ‘sandwich’ boards attached to one’s person.  These were probably only wooden, with leather sraps to hold them onto your shoulders and you simply wrote or painted details […]

Using Professional Marketing And Advertising Agencies

Ben November 5, 2019 Administration, SEO, Small Business, Web Activity

There is a much greater viariety of ways to promote and advertise one’s business and services than ever before.  When I was much younger, the only method for getting  yourself known if you were starting a new business for example, was to engage an advertising agent if funds could run to that.  Their fee would […]

Volunteers Treated Like Highest Paid Officers

Ben September 2, 2019 Administration, SEO, Small Business, Web Activity

One of the things  I’m getting used to about volunteering is that I although I’m so self disciplined to taking orders or just always wanting to meet someone’s criteria, I don’t actually have to abide by particularly stringent rules that affect the paid members of staff at the same place.  There are different expectations of […]

Production Goes Abroad – Service Excels At Home

Ben August 15, 2019 Administration, SEO, Small Business, Web Activity

The way we run businesses these days is so very different to methods of yesteryear.  When you see the older documentaries produced in the 1960s and 1970s, there are ‘businessmen’ going about their daily tasks – the smarter chaps in their bowler, crombie coat, obligatory umbrella and briefcase.  The train station would be awash with […]

Searching The Techniques Of Marketing Expertise

Ben July 15, 2019 Administration, SEO, Small Business, Web Activity

Any size business needs to promote itself.  Not only amongst the locality, but if suitable, then further afield and more importantly, online.  The next point is to ensure this online presence is as noticeable and easy to recogise as possible.  Sometimes it is possible to fix this yourself – you have social media apps ad […]

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